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Dark Depths

Alone in the dark is the safest place to be

Just me..a little worn light.
27 June 1987
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Um...me...i dunno, here are the basics.

22 year old who recently finished studying Forensic Science @ Bournemouth University. I have always wanted to do this which is what people always ask. Growing up cuddled up with my mum on the couch watching The X-Files and every horror movie released is there any wonder?

I did start my study wicca/ witchcraft/ paganism but seemed to have lost my way a little and got too distracted by university studying.... i have begun this process from scratch and plan to use this journal as little notebook/ mirror book.

If ur a fan of crime and drama TV, check out my group on facebook celebrating the actresses and characters. http://bournemouth.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2262902469

Anyway take a look around and enjoy my journal.

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